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Client Reviews      

   "Lisa is truly one of the most amazing pet sitters I've ever met and I've been through more than I could begin to keep track of... THE BEST.  I wish she were my forever neighbor so I could always have the comfort and peace of mind of her services. 
   She was wonderful and loving beyond expression to my beloved kitty Bailey, who sadly recently passed on. Bailey was a 16 yr old disabled special needs kitty that required a lot of gentle loving care and due to his condition I rarely ever stepped away from him the last 4 years of his life. Lisa gave me the confidence of being able to step away for a day or 2 occasionally and didn't seem to be the least bit bothered with the amount of special care that he needed. She just took it all on with so much love as if it were all normal every-day kitty tasks for her own kitty. She was the only person I felt I could trust Bailey with considering his condition and I could tell by watching her with him that he felt the kindred spirit connection and appreciated her loving care too. 
   She would go to my place sometimes late night to tend to Bailey if I needed her to which I was so deeply grateful for as she has her own household and beloved pets to tend to. She would dote over Bailey and my other 2 kitty boys Rocky and Angel with such a gentle loving way, she's truly an angel in human form. Lisa would send me photos, videos and updates with stories every single visit to show me how my boys were doing. She would never rush or be in too much of a hurry and would go through Bailey's checklist of needs with love. She would ask questions to make sure she was going through the routine correctly. She was always thorough, helpful and kind.
   She's soft spoken, gentle mannered and kind putting owners and their beloved animals at ease, feeling safe and cared for. I truly feel her pet sitting services comes from the heart with her love for animals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know their beloved pet will be 100% genuinely cared for with gentle loving care. I wish she could train pet sitters the etiquette that she naturally possess, she's a true gem and I'm honored she was able to care for Bailey during his road home. She even sent condolences and shared in my loss of Bailey with his passing. Thank you for everything Lisa. You go far beyond the call of duty. You've touched our hearts and I'm sure will touch many many others. You're our 5 star girl and forever in our hearts."
   Dee L., Las Vegas/Henderson
   (Yelp Review, Jan 2016, 3 cats)

   "I have a little 3 year old shih-tzu named Sushi that Lisa took amaaaaazing care of.  If my dog could speak I know she would say how much she loves Lisa.    
   The only reason I can't use Lisa is because I moved.  Lisa would come over to visit Sushi in the middle of the day while I was at work - she would text me pictures of Sushi and let me know how she was, and what they were up to.  It was the best to be in the middle of a work day and get texts about them being at the park or going for a walk.  
   Lisa also leaves a daily report card about how they acted, what they ate, if they went for a walk, etc. - it was so nice to read that when I came home at night.
   Lisa came over to do a meet and greet with Sushi before we signed up with her, it was like watching a dog whisperer... Sushi was putty in her hands, it was so cute.  She told me all about herself and how she's an animal lover and how her business works.  Everything was so clear.      
   She's the best and your pets will be in such good hands with her!!!"
   Catherine C., Summerlin
   (Yelp Review, Jan 2016, 1 dog)

  "(Lisa) Took excellent care of my cat while my husband and I were out of town. Came in twice a day to feed, clean and change the water dish and spent time grooming and playing with him. She also cleaned the litter box on each visit. 
   I just love Lisa! My three legged cat does too! Lisa came to my home twice daily for 5 days. While there, she fed Blackie, cleaned and added fresh water to his water dish, groomed and played with him and cleaned his litter box. She sent pictures of his activities which gave me great comfort in that I could see that he was being well cared for. She even took out the garbage can on trash day and put my outside cushions away when it looked like it was going to rain.
   Lisa leaves a summary of each visit detailing when she arrived, what she did, comments on how well Blackie was eating, his disposition, and the time she left. This was the second time I used Lisa's services and I already have her scheduled for future services. I am so glad I found her and would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants the assurance that their pet will be well cared for. Lisa is a jewel." 
   Lynette & Robert, Las Vegas
  (Angie's List Review 4/23/15, 1 cat)

   "I have two Shiba Inus who I didn't want to leave with just anyone when I went on vacation so I found Lisa online and I never looked back. If you want to travel but hate leaving your pets behind and worry the whole time about them I highly recommend this pet sitter because you will be worried no more. 
   She sends regular text messages, photos and videos the whole time you're away (if you choose) and updates about how they're doing. She has taken care of my dogs probably 5 times by now and I recommend her to anyone who feels skeptical about having someone in your house. She's honest and trustworthy..fills out report cards and my dogs who don't like many people adore her. 
   She comes right to the house-no dropping them off and picking them up and they get to stay in their comfortable own surroundings. A positive experience every time."
   Jennifer B., Las Vegas
   (Yelp Review, Jan 2016, 2 dogs)

   "I am hesitant to write this review, because I don't want everyone knowing how amazing Lisa is out of fear that she will be way too busy for my little guys! But I have to be honest and say that Lisa is truly amazing!t, Lisa can do that. She administers medicines to your pet,  walks your dog, gives them daily TLC and treats. She will even pick up poop! But most importantly, she loves your pet as if it were your own. Jack had a great time and I did not worry about him while we were away. Her prices are more than fair for the services she renders. Lisa is awesome!"
   We went out of town last weekend and were nervous to leave our puppy Jack for the first time. We felt that having someone stay overnight would be the best situation for our little one. I called Lisa and she was just as polite as could be. She suggested a free consultation to make sure it was a good fit which I really appreciated. Lisa was as sweet as could be and wanted to know all the details about Jack to ensure that he was as comfortable as possible when we left on our trip. It really impressed me how thorough she was. She also was flexible with the type of plan that she offers to ensure the best possible fit for the owner and pet.
   I must mention that Jack is a 4 month old Goldendoodle who is a big boy and quite the handful! We came home to a happy boy and it looked as if the house was left completely undisturbed! Amazing! Lisa had left us a sweet card and log notes for every visit that she had with Jack. It made me feel like I did not miss out on as much and put me at ease that he was in good hands. I also received daily texts and pics from Lisa which I had asked for.
   I would recommend Lisa to anyone that truly loves their pets. Lisa does a fantastic job at making your pets comfortable and happy and at the same time putting their owners at ease. If you want quiet time away from home without worrying about your pet, Lisa can do that. If you want constant updates after every visit with your pe
   Lindsay R., Summerlin
   (Yelp Review, May 2015, 2 dogs)

  "Rene and I really took a heartfelt kindred spirit liking to you, love to see more people in the world like yourself. Good to have met you. Thanks again."
   Dee & Rene, Las Vegas & Henderson
   3 cats - one with special needs
   Apr 2015

   "Thank you so much for taking care of Charlie (and Brody & Lexi). It's a great comfort to know you're here taking such good care of him. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it."
   Sharyn C., Summerlin
   (3 cats, Apr 2015)  

   "Thank you so much Lisa for taking such great care of the boys! Having you look after the kids always puts us at complete ease because we know how amazing you always are with them. Thanks again :)!"
   Justin M., Las Vegas
   (4 cats, Apr 2015)

   "I am so at ease when Lisa watches my two cats. I can tell from her updates each visit that she gives them as much love and attention as I do. Per my request, she always sends lots of photos, which makes it easier being away from home. Her initial visit, she asks all the right questions and takes notes. Her rates are very competitive, and if she's already booked up, she'll recommend back-up sitters for you. I cannot imagine a better catsitter for my fur-babies!"
   Kelly K., Henderson
   (Yelp Review, Oct 2014, 2 cats)

  "Lisa has been amazing! I have a four month old puppy who I needed someone to check on and play with when I have longer days at work. I found Lisa on Yelp. I met with her and automatically knew she would be the perfect, most trustworthy, dog-loving person to help out with my pup. She sends photos, videos, texts, and does a detailed report at the end of her visit. She is constantly updating me.  Cooper has the best time with her. He loves her soooo much! It is fantastic to know, that when I am away, she is able to take such good care of him. Very reliable as well! Thank you, Lisa!"
   Brittany B., Summerlin
   (Yelp Review, Sep 2014, 1 dog)

   "I tend to only do a review if I was wowed (or the extreme opposite).  And, I was wowed. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa's Pet Care Services (which I do even less than I leave reviews).
   Lisa is AWESOME!!!!!!!
   Her prices seem more than fair. I would have happily paid more if she asked. She is very accommodating, trustworthy and thorough. Extremely thorough and she documents everything (written, texts & pictures).
   I can't exactly ask my dog what she thought but if she could, her review would be A++++++++ all the way around.
   Thank you so much Lisa."
   Ilene S., Las Vegas
   (Yelp Review, Mar 2014, 1 dog)

   "You are fantastic and we greatly appreciate what you did for us. I am also happy that you got to see how fun Puppy can be. Please let me know where the best place would be to leave a review so that others can see how awesome we think you are! Couldn't be happier!! Thanks again!!!"
   Brian L., Las Vegas
   (via Text, 2 dogs, Mar 2014)

   "We are so glad to find Lisa!  We are already booking her for upcoming trips, we always want her to take care of our animals and house when we're out of town.  Not only does she do a great job, but her prices are better than many Las Vegas pet sitters, and she doesn't charge for each additional pet, like some providers do (we have four animals, so this is good).  She came to meet our pets and see the house several weeks before our trip - the dogs and cats liked her right away.  We filled out a brief questionnaire about the animals habits/health and the days/times we'd like her to come. She was punctual and very pleasant. 
    During our trip, she sent pics & updates via text message - as many or as few times as you want her to - it was great to see pics of our dogs cuddling with Lisa and get reports of how they're doing.  When we got home, the house was neater than we left it!  Lisa  also had picked up the poop in the dog run that had accumulated while we were away. The dogs had more walks with Lisa than they normally get with us - they've been bugging us to take them for more walks since Lisa left.  We highly recommend Lisa's Pet Care Services to anyone who wants their pets and house well taken care of while they're out of town." 
   Amy G. & Chris J., Las Vegas
  (Angie's List Review 1/3/14, 2 dogs & 2 cats)

   "Lisa is AMAZING! I went out of the country for 3 weeks and she took such great care of my baby Andy! She communicated with me on a daily basis. Andy is an older dog and he started limping on his front paw, she called my friend to discuss options and followed up, took photos, sent videos to me. I could not have chosen a better caregiver for Andy. She made me feel so comfortable just as if she was a family member watching him. I have never written a review before for anyone. However, I would highly recommend her to take care of your pets. She is the best person I have ever found. I feel blessed and extremely lucky and you will feel the same."
   (Yelp Review, Oct 2013)

   "Hi, thanks, Andy seems to be doing very well. I am going to take him with me next week. Thank you for all your support. You are an amazing person. The girl that is going to be renting my house has a dog. I will give her your info. Thank you for everything! I wish you all the best."
   Teresa S., Las Vegas (via Text, Apr 2014)

   "Lisa, I wanted you to know that XXXX is doing very well. We have been walking her daily and giving her a lot of love. I want to thank you again for everything you did for us."
   Mary T., Las Vegas (via Text)

   "We are home. You are the best of the best. I am telling everyone at work about you!"
   Jay P., Las Vegas (via Text, 1 dog)
   "Lisa is the best! My boyfriend and I had to go out of town for a wedding and we had no idea what to do with our 4 furry kids (cats). We'd never used a pet sitter before, so we spent a lot of time researching who to use. After several phone calls and checking each pet sitter's website we decided to go with Lisa.
   The first time Lisa came over for her initial meeting we knew that we'd made the right choice. She was so sweet with the kids. She was also very professional, finding out all of the details for our feeding regimen and supplement/medication needs.
   While we were out of town she sent us daily emails with reports and pictures. It gave us peace of mind and we looked forward to each one. When we got home the kids looked great they had been brushed out (so they weren't shedding everywhere haha) and the litter box was clean and tidy.
   We're really glad we found LIsa and now we don't have to worry about what do to whenever we go out of town! Thanks Lisa!"

UPDATED REVIEW: "Had to go out of town again in July (this review is a little late) for about 2.5 weeks. Lisa is still amazing! The kids (4 cats) were well taken care of when we were gone. She even left a toy for them when we got back! She updated us with emails and pictures every day to give us peace of mind. The house was exactly how we left it and mail was picked up. We no longer have to worry about the kids when on vacation as we know they (and the house) will be well taken care of. Definitely give her a call on your next out of town."
   Tina C., Las Vegas
   (Yelp Reviews, Jun & Dec 2013)
    "Lisa Lisa Lisa...Thank you Thank you Thank you....this is from Rick and Liz. The girls could not stop letting us know that you love them so much.  They want your address. Mattie was a handful, but she never felt she was causing any problem. She sends a big whooping kiss.  Kaya never thought anyone would see she was a good dog other than her family.  She loves you sooooo much.  Kaya sends little nibble kisses.
   We had a great time.  Got home early this morning and everything was perfect.....more than perfect.  You are the best. The dogs have a little note that you will receive in the mail shortly, I really hope we were not toooooooo much trouble, because I felt relaxed knowing they were in great, kind, loving hands. (Especially since we had never ever left them before without a family member.) You are the absolute best. Thanks again!"
   Liz and Rick B., Henderson
   (via E-mail, 2 dogs)
   “I can highly recommend Lisa's Pet Sitting Service.  Our dog, Posh, had been at the SPCA for two years prior to us adopting her. We had never left her.  If we could not take her, we did not go.  Last week I HAD to fly to FL to scatter my Mother’s ashes… Bottom line, Lisa’s Pet Care Services was the best I could have ever imagined. Her services are suited to you and your pet’s needs. She is extremely personable and loving with Posh. She also kept us updated daily. Posh doesn’t like strangers but she loves Lisa (and from the moment she walked in the door).”
   Terrie & Glen V., Las Vegas 
   (via Facebook, 1 dog)
   "We were very impressed and enjoyed ourselves thanks to you (Lisa). I will recommend you to everyone. This was the first time we felt good about leaving our babies thanks to you (Lisa)."
   Cathy J., Henderson
   (via Text, 6 cats & 2 dogs)

   "You (Lisa) are a goddess & my queen! I bow down before you!!"
   "...OMG - you cleaned by microwave - hooray!!"
   "...Oh, my gosh! I am so in love with you, Lisa!!"
   "...Many thanks for all you do! You are my angel!!"
   Jenn A., Las Vegas
   (via Personal Notes, 1 rabbit)
   "Coco and Gigi absolutely loooove Lisa! They are so picky and only close to a few people so it is really hard to find some one to take care of them when I take a trip."
   Our dogs, which are chihuahuas and pretty much hate everyone else by nature, treated Lisa the same as everyone else. Lisa was very patient and took the time to allow the doggies to calm down and approach her on their own. Within half an hour they were eating out of her hand, tails wagging their entire little bodies!
   While we are away Lisa sends us text and picture updates of our doggies eating, sleeping or playing, making us feel very comfortable.
   Lisa was very sweet and professional and gives that vibe that lets you know you've made the right decision. We know our dogs love her!"
   Andrea P., Las Vegas (Yelp Review)
   "The kids look great, we really appreciate you taking such good care of them! We will definitely give you a call whenever we go out of town and also let our friends and family who are pet owners know how great you've been. Thanks again and thank you for the toy for the kids, they really enjoy playing with it!"
   Justin M., Las Vegas
   (via Text after 2 week trip in 2013)

   "We really appreciate the great care you've given to our bunnies!"
   Regina V., Las Vegas (via Email, 2 rabbits)

   “Lisa has been our pet sitter for years. Conan is a 'senior citizen' that loves his routine. The transition is so seamless when she comes in that he doesn't even know we are gone!"
   JoAnn B., North Las Vegas
   (via Website, 1 dog)
   "WOW! My place looks better than when I left. Thank you so much! :-) I really appreciate it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ...Thank you again!...I'm very really hit it out of the park. I'm elated! YAY! :-)"
   M.H., Las Vegas (4 cats)
   “Durga and Monki love their second mommy! Lisa is wonderful with both dogs and cats. I don't know what I would do without her. I travel a lot for business.”
   Tova M., Las Vegas (via Text, 1 dog & 1 cat)
   "Just wanted to thank you again for taking excellent care of our dogs. They were happy to see me but I could tell they were happy and well taken care of while I was gone."
   Elizabeth S., Summerlin (via Text, 2 dogs)
   “I have a second home in Las Vegas that Lisa checks in on for me from time to time. She is very trustworthy, responsive and reliable. She is always there when I need her to meet a vendor or set up the place for a visitor.
   Garilyn N., Utah & Las Vegas
   (via Website, House-sitting)
   "We would absolutely recommend Lisa. She has watched our little Divas several times. She's very flexible, thorough and professional. Great service all the way around." 
   Ron & Jen H., Las Vegas (via Text, 2 dogs)
   "Thank you for everything, Lisa. We will definitely be using you in the future."
   James M., Summerlin (via Text, 1 dog)
   Lisa D., Summerlin (via Text, 1 dog)
  "Just wanted to say thank you again...I'm so glad we found idea how much it helps leaving knowing they are ok." [1st Pet Sitting]
   "Thank you so much again!  I'm glad the girls love you, Addy is always so calm and herself when I come home so I know she is happy :)"  [2nd Pet Sitting]
   Melissa B., Summerlin (via Text, 2 dogs)
 "Thank you so much  (for everything)...the kids always seem to have a skip in there step on the days you come over...and then they pass out :)"
   Bob & Carol M., Southwest
   (via Email, 2 dogs)
   "Thanks again for giving them a happy time at least once a day, and keeping them safe and fed while I'm away...You are the best pet-sitter ever...!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)"
   Scott M., Summerlin (via Text, 2 dogs + critters) 
   "Thank you for watching my rabbits. I go on lots of vacations so hopefully you will be willing to watch them again!"
   Alicia P., Las Vegas (via Text, 2 rabbits)
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