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Current clients have an account set up in the system.
Please use the email address provided at time
of registration and request a password reset.
Check your Junk/Spam folder for the password reset email
if you do not receive it in your general email box.
If you any questions, please call or text Lisa at 702.292.4950.

New Clients ONLY, please register below
As a client of All About Love Pet Care / Lisa's Pet Care, you can now register and manage your account with us online. Once logged in, you will have the benefit of a wide range of features including access to your current and previous invoices, payment information, access to view and change your personal client and pet data, you can upload pet pictures and even schedule services online all through a secure client portal.

Specific Client Portal Benefits

Once logged into the Client Portal, you will be able to:
  • register (enter contact, home and pet information)
  • view your account summary
  • pay individual invoices or the full amount owed
  • view your calendar, showing services (jobs) which have been scheduled for you 
  • make a request for services (jobs) to be scheduled for you 
  • cancel scheduled services (jobs)
  • view invoices raised in the last 12 months
  • download a pdf file of any of these invoices
  • View all payments and refunds made
  • View and amend your contact and pet information, including uploading photographs of pets
  • Enter and manage debit/credit card details 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our client portal is powered by Pet Sitter Plus (PSP) which was selected for many reasons, one of which is their security standards. PSP strives to ensure that our data is protected by the best security standards available today, utilizing the latest encryption algorithms from our devices to the database.
Ever wondered why some websites say HTTP in the address bar and others say HTTPS?  HTTPS denotes that a webpage uses some form of encryption to transmit data from your device to the server. Encryption means that the data, when transmitted, cannot be decoded and read by another computer that is not authorized.
Pet Sitter Plus, uses the very latest security algorithms to ensure your connections "from device to server" are as secure as modern technology allows.
To test the security of their service you can run a deep analysis of their webserver by entering our Pet Sitter Plus URL into this Qualys SSL Labs SSL Server Test
In addition, Pet Sitter Plus servers are hosted using the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute service which you can read about here
It’s the same Amazon that you buy all your stuff from on the Internet. Amazon’s cloud service provides them (as developers) with many benefits; however, one of the most important ones is the best in class server security. For example, they have implemented “bank style” server security which requires the generation of a dynamic 8 bit code at the time of login. As a result, only their development team can access the servers provided that they have in their possession a dongle to generate the access code.

What does this all mean to you? It means your personal data is secure. 

PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing
Pet Sitter Plus integrates with Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe are leaders in internet based credit card processing and they treat the security of your clients data as their number one priority. You can read more about the highlights of their security protocols here 
A few things to mention about the Stripe credit card processing service:
  • Credit card information is never stored in Pet Sitter Plus. Stripe hosts all credit card data on their servers which are all certified PCI compliant level 1 which is the most stringent form of certification.
  • Stripe encrypts all credit card data when stored on their servers.
  • Stripe forces all browsers to interact with their service via securely encrypted HTTPS channels.

If you have any questions or wish to request assistance with registering or requesting services online via the Client Portal, please call or text Lisa at 702.292.4950. 

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