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The All About Love Pet Care Network is a team
of self-employed pet care professionals (owner operator businesses) who have come together to provide support to one another. Members refer within the network and back each other up during emergency situations, illnesses and planned vacations. Although members are carefully screened and approved by the network, and annual background screenings are required by members via a professional pet sitting association, we recommend prospective clients perform their own due diligence when researching/hiring a service provider who will be entering their home and caring for their pets

The All About Love Pet Care Network was founded by Lisa of All About Love Pet Care / Lisa's Pet Care Services.*

Here is a list of current members:

Alexa R., Pet Sitter

(702) 695-4240
Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Alexa's passion for animals started when she was young. She has worked with many different breeds, sizes, ages, and of course personalities. She definitely has a soft spot for pugs being The Pug Mom, but any four-legged animal has her heart! 

She has 12 years of experience with animals. Over the years, she has worked as a Grooming Salon Bather, Pet Boutique Manager, Pet Supply Clerk, and as a Veterinary Receptionist & Assistant. 

In addition to ​being ​“The Pug Mom​"​, she​ enjoys​ working part-time in the music industry and participat​ing​ in music events such as​ Life is Beautiful. In her​ free time, she loves reading books, being a film critic and taking a break from reality with adventures at Disneyland.

Alexa can be reached at (702) 695-4240  or  Call today for a FREE consultation!  Background clearance & references available upon request.

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Nanette S., Pet Sitter
The Cat Lady, LLC
Licensed, Insured & Bonded

(702) 625-0182
South Summerlin 
Southwest Las Vegas
Nanette recently moved from downtown Chicago to Las Vegas, the final move.  After getting married 26 years ago, she became the “trailing spouse” moving a total of 8 times—one being international.  While not having children made all moves easier, she always took her cat, one who had her own pet passport.
Nanette held corporate jobs: working as an airport Fixed Base Operator, meeting planning for a rental car company and planning and executing special events at a major metropolitan zoo. While she didn’t work directly with the collection, she would sneak down to the hospital to visit the sick animals. Snow Leopards were her favorite big cat. 
After one of her moves, she couldn’t find a suitable place to board her cat or a pet sitter.  Hence the beginning of a 20 year career.  It wasn’t easy in 1996 explaining what a pet sitter was or what they did and how it was so much better for their pet to stay in their own home, especially cats.  She started out caring for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and the occasional rat, but later she decided to limit her pet sitting to cats.  She’s cared for Persian show cats, one was 10th Best Kitten in the country.  At one point, the breeder had 17 cats and kittens—that’s a lot of eyes and noses to clean!  She’s given oral and injectable medications, and has the scars to prove it.  She even has done SubQ fluids to clients’ cats as well as her own.  Medicating cats can be a challenge, sometimes is it best for the cat to be boarded at the vet.  That’s why a trial run is recommended for all cats who need medication physically administered.
Nanette will always treat everyone’s cat like she treats her own.  And if her cat Zoya could talk she would tell you she’s got the best mom around.  She has all the love and toys one cat could ever hope for.  Yes, she has only one cat—her husband is allergic!
Nanette can be reached at (702) 625-0182
or  Call today for a FREE consultation.  Background check and references available.  Fully licensed, bonded and insured.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jennifer W., Pet Sitter
PetTastic Companion & Chauffeur
(702) 428-6953
Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Pet-Tastic Companion and Chauffeur (a.k.a. Jenn, a licensed, bonded & insured pet professional) is there for you and your pet to provide loving care when you can’t be there.  Whether it’s taking your pet for a ride or going for a walk around your neighborhood, she will always treat your pet like it’s her own…giving them love and companionship while you’re away.

Jenn provides home visits, hotel visits and overnight visits. She works part-time for a veterinarian and spends the remainder of her time pet sitting. She is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR as well.

For a FREE in home meet and greet, please call or visit the website.

(702) 428-6953

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Cindy G., Pet Sitter & Owner
The Dog Sitter  (Cat Sitter too!)
(702) 685-7252
Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Northwest Las Vegas
(Centennial Hills, Providence
& Painted Desert)

The Dog Sitter in Las Vegas focuses on providing professional and loving care in your home for your four-legged family members. We offer pet sitting services, cat sitting, overnight visits, potty breaks, dog walking services, and administering both injections and subcutaneous fluids.

Our goal is to make sure your pets are comfortable and safe and almost as happy as when you are home, as well as to provide exceptional service to all clients, both human and four-legged.

For more information on our team and what makes
The Dog Sitter stand out from other Northwest pet care options, visit our website at

For a FREE in home meet and greet, please call
(702) 685-7252.

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Shelley P., Pet Sitter
(623) 326-8046 
Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Serving all Henderson areas including: Green Valley, McDonald Ranch, McDonald Highlands, Roma Hills, Anthem, Seven Hills, Inspirada, Lake Las Vegas, Tuscany Village, Weston Hills & more. 

Shelley is crazy for paws!​ She is a licensed & insured member of Professional United Pet Sitters & Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. She is also certified in Pet CPR & First Aid with Pet Tech.

Shelley provides trustworthy, loving care of your pet(s), and peace of mind for you, your pets and your home while you are away. An excellent alternative to boarding, which can cause stress and anxiety on you both. She will care for them the same loving way she cares for her own!
Shelley likes to say, she is currently "owned" by 3 amazing dogs, who she loves like her children. She has had animals all her life. She is happily married to her soulmate Kent for 25 years, and has two grown sons.

Need someone reliable, dependable & honest in the Henderson area? Call, text or email Shelley today for a FREE in home consultation! 
(623) 326-8046 

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Pamela's Pet Care

(702) 460-5209

Pamela began her love for animals at an early age. She lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming where she fell in love with horses and began to ride. Even before that she bonded with animals. Her description of being an “animal” person is when you are so affected by the presence of animals that they inspire and comfort you and because of their incredible intuition, their attraction to you is instantaneous. Pamela has always felt that bond with animals.

Pamela has cared for horses, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and various other animals, including a few amphibians. She attended basic dog obedience classes with her Dalmatian, Lucky, and went on to enter a few shows. Pamela also worked at Big Valley Riding Stables, where she cleaned stalls, fed horses, and worked with the clientele. There she purchased an 18 month old Thoroughbred/Quarter horse filly. She successfully worked with “Desiree” and pleasure rode her for 6 years.

Pamela entered the Hotel Industry in 1981 where she worked her way up to the position of Hotel Manager leaving the industry in 2014. During her many years in the hotel industry, Pamela’s experience encompassed customer service classes, leadership seminars, cross-training in many departments, as well as overseeing several properties.

In 2006, Pamela was offered a 15 year old Thoroughbred mare who suffered with behavioral issues.  Pamela jumped at the opportunity to work with the horse, and eight years later, “Mystere” and Pamela are best friends.

Currently, Pamela is “owned” by 3 cats: Charlie, Monster, and Zhoe.  She also has two step-dogs, Cory and Samantha. She works closely with the team at Chasing Glory Ranch assisting with riding horses, cleaning stalls, feeding the horses and chickens, and performs various other duties around the ranch.

Pamela is also associated with Heaven Can Wait Animal Sanctuary. She spent several years volunteering for the Spay/Neuter Feral Cat Clinic. She has also been a spokesperson and advocate for the non-profit organization.

Pamela is available to assist with your various pet care needs in the Southeast communities of Las Vegas/ Henderson. Contact her today for a FREE CONSULTATION.  She can be reached at
(702) 460-5209 or

Current background check and references available upon request.

All About Love Pet Care / Lisa's Pet Care Services is not responsible for any claims made against network members nor shall All About Love Pet Care / Lisa's Pet Care Services / Lisa Emrich be held liable for any claims made against such members. The All About Love Pet Care Network is provided as a service only. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the
All About Love Pet Care Network or if you have any questions or concerns regarding a member of the network, please contact Lisa, of All About Love Pet Care / Lisa's Pet Care Services.

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